Born in Miami Florida, John Hitta was already born in the right town at the right time.  A young man of many talents, J found himself being drawn to music at a young age.  At the age of 9, he was giving his very first instrument by his late Uncle Buck.  It was a 6 string acoustic Gibson guitar.  Never playing a day in his life, he already had an ear for sound and the understanding of music theory.  Because of this, he developed by learning to play by ear.  As time progressed, J learned to play other instruments the violin, viola, chello, drums, bass, electric guitar, piano, and then later learning to compose sounds and melodies.

As J got older, he developed a very fun outlook on life and it was because of his outlook on life that landed him the opportunity to be a radio dj for one of the hottest radio stations in the world, WEDR 99 JAMZ home of DJ KHALED and number 1 for many years for HIP HOP and R&B.  This is where J learned the ins and outs of the music industry and also got some amazing guidance from singer Sherl Burke whom which she and her husband has been a family friend for many years.

Though J got his break working for a HIP HOP station, his passion has always been EDM.  J has created quite a fan base with is EDM sounds.   His next goal is to be one of the top 10 djs of the world.  His first single “LIGHT YEARS” f/ Kira Nicole has sold over 10k copies as an independent artist.  Now, J is gearing up for his debut EP “JOHNNY BOY” the introduction of JOHNNY FROST!